We specialize in offering non-toxic and safe dentistry solutions to you as much as possible. That’s where we offer metal and mercury free restorative dentistry services.

Our team follows a holistic approach when offering dental care services to you. As a result, we improve your oral health and deliver good health, without jeopardizing the overall general health. With mercury and metal free materials, we are capable of offering restorative dentistry solutions such as crowns and fillings. These dental solutions are long-lasting, strong, and safe.

Metal is subjected to expansions and contractions when it is exposed to cold and hot environments. As a result, you will have to deal with cracks in your teeth along with time. However, metal-free materials can flex similar to your natural teeth, which will minimize the risk that you have to deal with. That’s where you can get our help.

With metal and mercury free restorative dentistry services, you will not have to worry too much about possible reactions that metal sensitivities or allergies can create. Moreover, we can help you with getting less noticeable dental work as well. This will eventually help you to smile with confidence.