Do you have a misshapen or injured tooth? Then you may think about correcting the issue with the help of a dental crown. A dental crown is a restoration that looks similar to a tooth, which will fit over your natural tooth. The crown is capable of restoring the appearance of your tooth, along with its functionality. You just need to go through a couple of appointments to get the best results with crowns and bridges.

You may even think about getting a crown when you have multiple teeth missing in a row. This is where you can place two different dental crown. This will eventually help you to bridge the gap that you have in between your teeth. By getting a crown or bridge, you will be able to enhance the ability you have to speak and eat normally. On top of that, you can make sure that the remaining teeth you have in your mouth would not shift towards the other open spaces.

Whether you have a missing tooth or a badly damaged tooth, you may go for a crown or bridge. Contact us now and schedule your appointment for it today!