Joti Gill has been in the dental field for just over 10 years. She started out as a dental assistant and worked for 2 years before going into dental hygiene school. One aspect she most enjoys about dental hygiene is having the one on one time with the clients. Getting to know the individuals she sees, learning about their lives, connecting and building bonds is something Joti really appreciates. Educating others is another reason Joti went into dental hygiene. She is enjoys teaching about oral and overall health and how there is a connection to it all. She takes great care to understand client needs and be thorough yet gentle as a clinician. Outside of the dental office, Joti is a busy Mom who mostly tries to entertain her toddler. She does enjoy going to the gym and the outdoors whether it be on the lake, a hike or even just a walk.

Languages Spoken | English, Punjabi